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geographic information systems



“The contractor brought forth a highly innovative, practical and flexible approach... I was very impressed and extremely satisfied with their products, price and performance."

                                            EPA Remedial Project Manager

"Contractor is very knowledgeable about the GIS Industry and Standards; they were very receptive to questions and recommendations; very time conscience; easy to contact; the quality of work was never questionable; and technical expertise was great... they stayed within the scope of work and budget, even putting in extra effort on our behalf."

                                              AML Reclamation Specialist

Internet and cloud-based designs improve access to your database and allow more effective data sharing among your users. 


The senior staff of TerraSpectra Geomatics have extensive backgrounds in remote sensing, geographic information systems, and software development.  Contact us when quality and experience matter.

GSA Contract GS-10F-0402Y

TerraSpectra Geomatics was awarded a GSA Contract under the Schedule for Environmental Services, Federal Supply Group:  SIN 899-7 Geographic Information Services.   (click on link above)

We're Celebrating Our 23rd Year!

TerraSpectra Geomatics was incorporated in 1996 and is a Woman Owned Small Business.

TerraSpectra Geomatics staff have decades of project experience with Esri ®

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software.

Mission planning, acquisition, and analysis proficiency for a full spectrum of  aerial and satellite imagery - including visible, infrared, lidar, and radar.



Database development for all types of resources and activities.  These are carefully documented to ensure both immediate and long-term utility.